NaPali Coast Tour ~ Welcome aboard the Adventurer II

The Adventurer

The Adventurer

“Eighth Wonder of the World is a term sometimes used to describe phenomena in comparison to the widely known list of seven remarkable constructions of classical antiquity, called the Seven Wonders of the World.”

IMG_1188“Holo Holo”, translates to let’s go. Holo Holo to the NaPali. The NaPali coastline is 16 miles long located on the northwest side of the island of Kauai. It is inclusive of Ke’e Beach on Kauai’s North Shore, extending all the way to Polihale State Park on Kauai’s west side.  “Pali” means rigged cliffs, which look much like cathedral mountains cascading down to sea level. These mountains are 4,000 feet high which are part of a 6,175 acre park. Why is the NaPali so fascinating? The NaPali is a place where you will find waterfalls, lava tubes,  sea caves, Humpback whales (Nov.-Apr.), dolphins, turtles, seabirds, cathedral mountains, great snorkeling and sweeping valleys all in one place. The NaPali is not easily accessible due to the absence of roads. The coastline can be viewed from a helicopter, hiking or via boat. Sail along the NaPali for a four hour tour and take in the views of this coastline on Holo Holo Charters ~ The Adventurer II!

We are all about the family adventures on this blog site!!! Kids ages 6 and up are welcome on the Adventurer II, a top speed, modern, rigid-hull inflatable boat, which differs from that of a Zodiac or rubber raft. Made of fiberglass hull, which enables the boat to maneuver well through the waves, The Adventurer holds up to 25 passengers. If you are looking for a thrill along with your adventure, than this boat is perfect for your family!



Holo Holo’s Adventurer sets sail from the North Shore at Hanalei Bay, where they have been running tours since 1998. Very convenient, as opposed to leaving from Port Allen on the west side where most of the NaPali tours depart from and return to. The tour begins at Hanalei Bay, voted one of the top 25 beaches in the U.S., where you will be shuttled by a dinghy (pictured above) to the Adventurer inflatable raft. Next, you will hop onto the raft, without getting wet, kick your shoes off as this is a barefoot boat, store your belongings, pick a seat and plop down along the rim of the raft, tuck your feet under the rope (feet belt) and get ready to take off on an adventure! One of the highlights of departing from the North Shore, is that you will reach the coastline in minutes! Sit back while the Captain shares stories and history of the Hawaiian culture and life.

Snorkel Time!!!

Snorkel Time!!!

IMG_1195It’s snorkel time!!! Grab a noodle, fins and a snorkel mask (corrective lens available) to start your adventure under the sea! Our kids loved the variety of fish with vibrant colors of yellow, purple, black, gray and blue. Observe as schools of fish swim by. Be on the lookout for the “honu” green sea turtle. Our kids saw several turtles during the tour. Don’t be fooled by the rugged appearance of a raft, the Adventurer is equipped with dive ladders, restroom and a fresh water shower. The staff provides snorkel masks (with corrective lenses if needed), fins and flotation aids on the Napali Snorkel Adventure. Water temperatures vary throughout the year with an average of 70 degrees. If jumping in just isn’t for you, that’s fine~ hang out and observe the others snorkeling from the convenience of the raft. Sit back, eat lunch and take amazing photographs to share with your friends and family back home!

Interesting Fact~ Holo Holo Charters is the only company on the dock whose entire fleet of vessels were built in Hawaii by the owner.

After working up an appetite in the ocean, it is time for lunch~

Lunch time!

Lunch time!

Holo Holo puts on a great spread, offering gourmet sandwiches, veggie wraps, chips (Baked Lays & Baked Cheetos- gotta love the healthier options) and a variety of Hawaiian juices, water and soda. It’s a great time to sit around, chat with the staff and tourists while floating on the ocean in a gorgeous setting, which looks like a backdrop.


Heading in to sea caves

Heading in to sea caves

How many people can say that they’ve been inside a sea cave? Listen to the ocean swish back and forth as the waves hit lava walls, echoing inside the cave. Are you ready for those Sea Caves? The ability to zip in and out of the sea caves on the NaPali is what IMG_1206truly sets apart the rafts/zodiacs from the catamarans. Not only are the rafts fast moving, but they also can zip right in the sea save and through waterfalls which come down as you enter the caves. Be prepared to get wet! Have fun, be adventurous and hold on!

Tips: I highly recommend investing in a LifeProof or other waterproof cell phone case and testing it out prior to the boat tour! You don’t want to miss out on taking pictures of the NaPali Coast.

Our family takes Bonine (over the counter, anti-sea sickness tablet) one hour prior to sailing. Even if you don’t think you will get nauseous, I recommend taking an anti-sea sickness tablet. Nausea can absolutely ruin your entire trip and don’t expect the boat to turn around and take you back. You will be stuck with that nausea for 4 hours! If you don’t get sea sick but you do become nauseous when others get sick around you – take a tablet! Be sure to read all instructions before taking. There is also a natural form of anti sea sickness pills made of ginger, which I have not tried. Weather conditions change rapidly and therefore, it is nearly impossible to predict how rough the seas will be. If the rocking effects you – take a tablet.

Bring a wind breaker or light waterproof, jacket. Weather changes quickly and can get cool when the boat is at full speed. Sun block up before you go on the tour and leave your oil at home! Who wants to be slipping and sliding all over the boat.


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