Bourbon House, New Orleans

Bourbon House

Bourbon House

Frozen Milk Punch

Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House is located on famous Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. They specialize in local, seasonally fresh items. Bourbon House features a premier oyster bar and a wide range of seafood items. The dining room displays chandeliers, handcrafted wrought iron and custom millwork. Stroll on down Bourbon Street and you can view the gorgeous interior from the window.

Bourbon House

Bourbon House

If you are looking to sample the classics of New Orleans cuisine, this is the place! Menu items include Creole dishes, Redfish snapper, Louisiana oysters on the half shell, eggs Benedict, Gulf shrimp, seafood salad and crab fingers. We dined there for breakfast and sat at a table with a view of Bourbon Street.

You must try the Frozen Milk Punch at breakfast time!!! Milk Punch is common in New Orleans and served during the holidays in the Deep South. Similar to eggnog, the Frozen Milk Punch is made with bourbon, dark rum, milk, vanilla extract, simple syrup, and topped with a dash of nutmeg. Yummy!! It is a dessert in a glass! In Ireland Milk Punch is called scáiltín, which is served as a hot beverage, made with whiskey. Where did it originate from? Milk Punch dates back to the 17th Century and has recently made a revival, popping up on bar menus all over the U.S. It is also known as the “hangover beverage” using the nutmeg and cream to heal that headache of yours.


Bananas Foster Pain Perdue

Now for the food….you will find items such as creole hash browns, shrimp & grits, Benedict, fried oysters, andouille sausage, buttermilk biscuits, and bananas foster french toast with bourbon sauce. Reasonably priced, most items range from $10-13. Don’t forget to add a Mimosa, Bloody Mary, Sparkling Honey or Frozen Milk Punch for an authentic New Orleans experience!


Bourbon House Benedict


Bourbon House is the official home of the New Orleans Bourbon Society!!! What is a Bourbon Society?? It’s similiar to that of a beer or wine club. They have events, bourbon study halls, crafting cocktail lessons and tastings of fine bourbon. Master Distillers from Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark & Bulleit occasionally host dinners at the Bourbon House. Best part of the society is once you have sampled the entire bourbon list, you will receive a Master Taster Recognition engraved plaque.

Bourbon House

Bourbon House

Bourbon House

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