It’s All About the Hurricane…

Big East Daiquiris

Big East Daiquiris

In planning a trip to New Orleans, I had a list of things to do, foods to eat and sights to see. Of course, everyone mentioned the hurricane! Hurricanes are a sweet, popular alcoholic drink served in New Orleans. You can walk down any street in the French Quarter and see people roaming around with a tall plastic hurricane cup in hand filled with a bright colored slushy drink. Hurricanes are similar to daiquiris and made with rum, fruit juice, and syrup or grenadine. In New Orleans is it legal to walk around with a drink in hand as long as you have a plastic cup or container. The hurricane was created by Pat O’Briens tavern owner in New Orleans back in the 1940’s and became popular with sailors. The name came about from serving the drink in a hurricane-lamp shaped glass.

Big Easy Daiquiris~ The Big Easy Daiquiris have 6 locations in the French Quarter with multiple locations on Canal, Bourbon and Decatur.  Offering 14 flavors, choose from 190 Antifreeze, Margarita, Hurricane, Appletini, Banana, Grape, Jungle Juice, Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Virgin Peach Bellini, Strawberry, Virgin Strawberry, White Russian, and Sangria. For those of you who aren’t up for the extra sweet drink, The Big Easy Daiquiris also offers a local beer called Abita which is brewed in Abita Springs, Louisiana located 30 minutes outside of New Orleans.

Remember to take fun photos and watch out for the photobombers!

Big Easy Daiquiris

Big Easy Daiquiris

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